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Warranty Information 







Nightsearcher 5 Year Warranty 

Nightsearcher's professional products are carefully designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the reliability and durability. This is why they offer 5 years that covers defects in manufacturing on all NightSearcher products.


You will receive a copy of your form as a proof of your Extended Warranty. The Extended Warranty is FREE of charge.


Registration of the product must be made within one month of purchase by filling out and submitting the Extended Warranty Registration Form on

Conditions of Warranty

  • The product is within the warranty period and meets the warranty criteria

  • You have proof of purchase after 1st September 2018

  • You are the original owner of the product

  • For Extended Warranty, you registered the product with NightSearcher within 1 month of purchase.


Warranty Criteria

1. What is covered:

  • All manufacturing defects & faults

  • All rechargeable batteries up to 1 year

  • Accessories & Chargers up to 1 year


2. What is NOT covered:

  • General wear and tear

  • Damage caused by improper or unreasonable use

  • Damage from battery leakage

  • Damage through lack of maintenance

  • Imprinting or colour finishes

  • All non-rechargeable batteries

  • Alterations

  • The cost of postage/shipping to NightSearcher for repair or replacement

  • The Extended Warranty does not apply to Ministar security light range, as they are a discontinued product range.



Ledlenser Warranty Information 

Ledlenser products have an industry leading warranty that covers defects in manufacturing, extended up to 7 years with registration of certain products. Most of our lights have a standard warranty period of 2 years which can be extended by a further 5 years with online registration. This warranty does not apply to all products which include but not exclusive to, our k series (keyring lights), Lite Wallet, Solidline, TFK and Accessoires including spare parts and our batteries. Please check specific product pages for more information.


To register your Ledlenser product and qualify for the extended 5 year warranty (7 years total):

  1. You must have the Warranty card from within your model box, purchased within the last 12 weeks.

  2. Complete the Warranty Registration on

  3. The ‘submit warranty registration’ button needs to be clicked for the details to be submitted and the registration be complete.


Conditions of Warranty

  • You are the original owner of the torch, head torch, area or spot light

  • The product was purchased from an authorised Ledlenser reseller and you can show proof of purchase if requested

  • The product is within the warranty period (see above) and meets the warranty criteria below

  • The product is genuine Ledlenser as determined by its unique serial number (email the serial number on your light to authenticate)

What is covered?

  • Manufacturing faults or defects

What is not covered?

  • General wear and tear

  • Misuse or abuse

  • Unauthorised and/or unreasonable use

  • Alterations 

  • Pouches/cases, head bands and accessories, engraving or colour finishes

  • Declining rechargeable battery performance that has occurred over time (2yrs max)

  • Issues caused by leaking batteries

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